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Two turntables and a microphone (and a camera, a CD player, a funny hat…)

Today marks the first installment of “Cyber Schnergs,” and I’m super excited about it.

Sometimes a cyberschnerg is caught on tape by a Good Samaritan doing their best to spread the schnerg word.

Other times, like today’s entry, they aren’t happy ruining just the lives of people they know, but have to broadcast themselves to the masses.

Anyhow, the stars are aligned here (even if the music isn’t):

– goofy hat

– in parents’ basement

– talking to camera

– talking to turntables

– not using headphones to mix, so he’s clearly lined this all up ahead of time so that they’d be semi-in sync (cheating)

– “that’s that one! that’s that one! that’s that one! that’s that one!”

– bad records

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