Inanimate Objects Can Still Be Schnergs

This is a short entry, which is the good news. The better news is that you will gain insight to my psyche. Maybe that’s the bad news.

Today’s schnerg in society is an inanimate object. Sort of.

Stop Bouncing That Ball, Bitches!

Beach balls, on their own, aren’t entirely schnergy . At the beach, they’re ok. Spinning around the desktop of your Mac – not ok. But even worse than that: Idiots at concerts that play beach ball right when it’s your favourite song and the guitar solo is going weeeeahhhhhhwwoowowwwwoooweeeeeeeeeeeahh!

I simply loathe the morons that bring beachballs to concerts. I want to fuck their faces with a hammer.

I was at Black Mountain‘s Toronto show, with supporting guests Black Angels on Halloween, and the shenanigans started. Trick or treat I guess.

So I did what any self-respecting asshole would do. When it came my way, I took it. Then I set it on the floor for a couple minutes. And then, when nobody was looking, I took a lighter to it and it popped.

I figure at most, 50% of people like the beach ball. So for them, they had their fun. For the other 50%, you can thank me with a beer.


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  1. Oh man, that’s one of my fave guitar solos too.


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