Strombone Mouthpiece

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Ok, Mister Studio Line from L’Oreal.  Ok, Mister Puppy Dog Eyes.  Enough already.  You call yourself “Strombo.”  That alone gets you on the list.

So yeah. You’ve been a schnerg since your days on MuchMusic.  I don’t know what happened to the quality controls there, but: Erica Ehm, Steve Anthony, Sook-Yin Lee and …. you?  How did you slip through the cracks?  Was there an equal opportunity employment drive at Much the day you filled out the application and listed “Massive Giant Horrific Schnerg” as a disability?  Well guess what Georgy-Boy.  It’s a permanent impairment in your case.


Why the long face, George?

I can imagine you sitting around the East Side Mario’s on Front Street, with your CBC underlings, saying “Oh yeah. Strombo nailed that interview with Margaret Atwood today.” Maybe you should change your name to Jimmy Strombo.

Strombo sounds like the kind of thing Leafs fans would chant of you were the Habs goalie. “Strommmmmmm-bowwwwwwww” – Not something you do to yourself.

The final straw for me was when I was doing research for this and I saw the “Strombo Show” from April 18, where he talks about The Clash. He makes the claim that the band’s show at Shea Stadium was “the ideal Clash lineup at its peak.” Oh really?  Terry Chimes on drums, that’s ideal?  Terry Chimes, who was previously kicked out of the band and replaced by Topper Headon? Ugh. You are truly clueless.

George – it’s one thing to mess up your interview with Nickelback. But don’t go making false claims about the greatest band ever.

Sometimes, the tables are turned on Georgy Porgy, and he is the interviewee. Here, he tells us that his fashion sense hasn’t changed since he was 11, he begs for girls to proposition him on the street, and then he admits to listening to GG Allin (aka the man with the tiniest wiener in the world. Sorry I am not sharing a link to prove that, but do some digging and you’ll see it’s true.) Sitting around the house in your black jeans and black t-shirt, listening to GG Allen, and then telling us about it. Schnergs a lot, George.

Anyhooo… the future seems bright for Strombo. He’s got a hit show on CBC, people love him, he championed the case of Tommy Douglas as the greatest Canadian of all time, and even though he’s a schnerg, he conducts great interviews.  In fact, Strombo got to gaze in the future  for 20 minutes in this video. (That’s probably less time than he spends gazing in the mirror when he does his hair, but still.)

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ~S. on April 24, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Yup, he’s a snerg but i love him anyway…how cool is his job??


  2. Dropped by as part of our schnerg Neighbourhood Watch program.
    Pleased to see that everything is under control here.


    • Yes, we are also proposing a publicly availabke schenrg offenders registration. You know, to keep the kids safe. (PS Nice Clash lyrics in the header of your blog!)


      • thanks, and please to note that the blog is the creation and property of an anonymous blogger that a few of us admire. I’m merely a contributor there – usually a lone voice on the internet suggesting people think a bit before accepting everything strombo.

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